Scripts have information passed to and from them. An In-Argument (In Arg) is information being passed into the script, an Out Argument (Out Arg) is information being taken from the script.


Identifies a measurement to be taken in a graph, or a test to be made in an alarm.

Primary Target

The 'main' target in an Aquirer. If an Aquirer has only one target, then it is automatically a primary target. If an aquirer is made of many targets then one is the Primary and the rest are secondaries. The 'Timeout' and 'Refresh Rate' of the Aquirer are obtained from the Primary Target.

Secondary Target

An Aquirer with more than one target, will have one primary target, and the rest are called secondaries. Secondaries use the 'refresh rate' and 'timeout' of the primary targets.

The Aquirer

Identifies the system that runs all the aquirers which is made up of Targets.

An Aquirer

A Target or group of targets that are performed together. All will be of the same type and should all use the same host.


A short (usually) program who's code is exposed and can usually be edited or modified with a simple text editor.

Script Language

Defines the 'engine' required to actually run a script. Microsoft computers all have the VB-Script engine built in. Many Linux boxes will have the Perl script engine pre-loaded. Without the script engine for a language installed on a computer, the computer will not be able to execute (run) the script.

Failure Actions

A script that is executed when an alarm target changes state. It may also be executed after a given period of time if the alarm state is 'critical' or 'warning'

Remote Host

A computer with Remote-Probe installed that is executing scripts on behalf of Net-Probe.


Fully qualified domain name, a name assigned to an IP Address. Usually in the form of


Simple Network Management Protocol, a network standard for communicating information about the network device, and in some cases will allow some settings on the device to be changed.


Can be thought of as a piece of paper that a network diagram is drawn on within Net-Probe.


A system of assisting the lining up of Workspace elements. When moving an element it would tend to 'stick' to the edge of elements close to it. This can be enabled and disabled.


There are two panels, they appear next to the workspace. The 'Side Panel' contains the tabs for 'All', 'Graph' and 'Properties'. The 'Bottom Panel' contains a Log Viewer and an Alarm List.

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