Chapter 29. License Activation

Without the purchase of a license Net-Probe will offer you the ability to monitor up to 8 hosts. There is no restriction on the number of graphs, alarms, trackers or workspaces, but if more that 8 hosts are detected, targets monitoring the extra hosts will be turned off.

A license for additional hosts can be purchased from You will be required to specify an email address, the Computer Identifier and the number of hosts that can be monitored. The computer identifier is a sequence of characters that is unique to your computer. The License window shows the Computer Identifier under the Request License section. Alternatively you can click on the link in License window. This link will feed the identifier to the site, eliminating the need for you to enter it manually.

Figure 29.1. License


Once the purchase has taken place you will be emailed the License Code to the Email Address you specified on the web site. The code, host qty and your email address will have to be entered on the License window in the License Capture section. Once a valid code has been entered the application OK button will become enabled. It is recommended that you copy and paste the Code and the Email Address as they have to be exact.


The Computer Identifier is a unique number belonging to your computer's hardware. If the hardware is changed the license may no longer be valid. You will have to request an updated License code from here

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