RetVal=Request(ID, Request, Value)

Description Sends a request to the Net-Probe service requesting some sort of action be taken.
[in] IDThe ID of the action that must be taken.
[in] RequestThe request:
  • "CheckNow"-Check the Target Now. The ID above is the TargetID of the alarm for which the check must be made.
  • "EnableAction"-Enable (Value=1) or disable (Value=0) a Targets Action Script. The ID above is, in this case a TargetID.
  • "Workspace"-Change the mode of the Workspace. The ID above is the WorkspaceNo. The value below is the Mode.
[in] ValueSee Request above for info.
Return Value Zero indicates success, One indicates failure to communicate with the service and two a failure in obtaining the info.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer