RetVal=GetElementInfo(ElementID, ElementType, FQDN, IP, Mask, AdditionalText, WorkspaceNo)

[in] ElementIDThe ElementID for which the data is desired.
[out] ElementTypeThe type of Element.

  • 1- Network Line
  • 2- Device
  • 3- Internet Cloud
  • 4- Text
[out] FQDNThe FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name of the Element)
[out] IPThe IP address of the Element.
[out] MaskThe Netmask of the Element.
[out] AdditionalTextAny additional text if available for the type of element.
[out] WorkspaceNoThe WorkspaceNo the element is present on.
Return Value Zero indicates success, One indicates failure to communicate with the service and two a failure in obtaining the info.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer