RetVal=GetAlarmTargetInfo(TargetID, Name, AquirerType, AlarmOperator, AlarmWarnValue, AlarmCriticalValue, PrimaryTargetID, AquirerID, Mode, Details, State, StateColor, Duration, Attempts, LastTime, Info, Action, ActionEnabled, OkUpTime, CritUpTime, WarnUpTime)

Description Details of an alarm target are obtained.
[in] TargetIDThe TargetID for which all the below data will be obtained.
[out] NameReturns the Target's Name.
[out] AquirerTypeThe type of Aquirer

  • 0-PerfMon
  • 1-SNMP
  • 2-Script
  • 3-Script-Remote
[out] AlarmOperatorThe operator used to calculate the alarm state.
[out] AlarmWarnValueThe value used to indicate the warning value (or start of the warning range).
[out] AlarmCriticalValueThe value used to indicate the critical value (or start of the critical range).
[out] PrimaryTargetIDThe TargetID of the primary target. -1 is returned if the target is a primary.
[out] AquirerIDThe ID of the aquirer running the target.
[out] ModeThe mode the target is currently in

  • 0-Active
  • 1-5 Minute
  • 2-Off
[out] DetailsIf the target is a Perfmon then the full counter path is returned. In the case of SNMP the MIB is returned. In the case of a script and a remote script all in arguments and out argument are shown.
[out] StateText describing the current state of the alarm.
[out] StateColorThe color dipicting the state, in RGB format.
[out] DurationThe duration that the target has been in the current state.
[out] AttemptsIf the alarm is in warning or critical state, then this value indicates how many tests have successively returned this state.
[out] LastTimeThe time the last test was performed.
[out] InfoA text value containing the returned value, in the case of SNMP and PerfMon. In the case of Script and Remote-Script all the return strings are shown. Errors and additional info may be present in this field.
[out] ActionThe name of the Action Script assigned to this target.
[out] ActionEnabledIndicates if the Action Script is enabled or disabled.
[out] OkUpTimeThe number of seconds the target has been in the OK state
[out] CriticalUpTimeThe number of seconds the target has been in the Critical state
[out] WarnUpTimeThe number of seconds the target has been in the Warning state
Return Value Zero indicates success, One indicates failure to communicate with the service and two a failure in obtaining the info.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer