RetVal=GetTargetInfo(TargetID, AquirerType, IsAlarm, Name, PrimaryTargetID, AquirerID, Details, Host, RemoteHost)

Description Gets some information relating to a Target.
[in] TargetIDThe TargetID for which you want to get the info.
[out] AquirerTypeThe type of Aquirer

  • 0-PerfMon
  • 1-SNMP
  • 2-Script
  • 3-Script-Remote
[out] IsAlarmZero indicates the target is used in a graph, one the target is used in an alarm.
[out] NameThe name of the Target
[out] PrimaryTargetIDThe primary target. If the requested target is a primary target then -1 is returned.
[out] AquirerIDThe ID of the aquirer running the target.
[out] DetailsIf the target is a Perfmon then the full counter path is returned. In the case of SNMP the MIB is returned. In the case of a script and a remote script all in arguments and out arguments are shown.
[out] HostThe host that is being used by the target.
[out] RemoteHostThe remote host that is being used.
Return Value Zero indicates success, One indicates failure to communicate with the service and two a failure in obtaining the info.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer