RetVal=SetTmpImagePath(FilePath, SessionID)

Description The DrawGraph and DrawWorkspace functions graph an image and store them as a file in a folder. If these functions are given an empty FileName parameter then the object will look to info set by this method and create a file name made up of the FilePath and SessionID. They will then return the FileName to the caller. The FileName will be constucted as follows:


where Counter is a number that increases by one with each image produced.

If a FileName is given to the DrawWorkspace and DrawGraph methods then the methods will produce the image at the place specified.
[in] FilePathThe path specifying the folder images will be stored in.
[in] SessionIDA unique number (on web pages often the SessionID as offered by IIS) that helps define a unique filename.
Return Value Zero indicates success, all other values failure.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer