Description Sends an ICMP ping request to the Host and measures the time taken for the host to reply.
[in] HostThe IP or FQDN of the server to which the request will be sent.
[in] TTLTime to Live. The number of router hops before the attempt is discarded.
[in] TimeOutThe time in milliseconds the system will wait for a reply.
[in] DataSize
[in] TOSSpecifies the Type of Service Flag.
[in] DontFragmentSpecifies whether or not breaking the pocket up will be permitted.
[out] RTTRound trip time in milliseconds. This is the amount of time taken for a reply to be obtained from the host.
[out] ReplyAddressThe address the reply came from.
[out] EchoReplyStatusThe reply IP Status.
Return Value Zero indicates success, any other value indicates failure.
Example See {installation directory}\Checks\VBScript\Ping.vbs

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer