Chapter 25. Pre-Written VB Action Scripts

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Send Email
Service Restart


Description A message box is shown containing the info regarding the alarm's state. This is offered for demonstration purposes only. It is not recommended that it be used except under the simplest of situations. The reason is that it can be very frustrating for the user to have to close all these boxes. It does however offer a useful starting point for those that wish to write their own action scripts. Is has the ability to ignore service alerts for a downed host. It will however allow the host alert to be sent.

Warning: If this function is used with the Net-Probe Service, then ensure that the service has the option 'Allow service to interact with desktop' enabled. If not, resources will be consumed as the unseen messagebox will be created and not shown, eventually the service will fail.

Operating Systems MS Windows
Requirements None
Scope Local
Extra's N/A

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer