Remote for Windows Mobile

The Mobile version supports the GPS module allowing a mobile device to be tracked. To install the program on the Windows Mobile device you need to ensure the ppc_NetProbe-Remote option is selected during the installation of NetProbe. This can be added later by going to the Control Panel and then selecting edit/remove option next to NetProbe. This option will install the file ppc_NetProbe-Remote.exe under the NetProbe-Remote folder in the installed directory. Double click on this file to run the program that installs the Windows Mobile version on the device. A wizard will guide you through the installation.

Once installed you will find a new item under programs called 'NetProbe-Remote'. Launch the program and look under the File menu option. Here you will find an option called Settings. You will need to enter the FQDN or IP of the NetProbe Server. The Identifier defines the name the device will be called in NetProbe. The Secret and TCP Ports must match those specified in NetProbe. Select OK to store and activate the new settings. The main window of the program will show you the status of the link to the NetProbe Server. It should show Connected. The Latitude and Longitude will show the values obtained from the GPS. The Latitude and Longitude info may only be available once a track target has been added for the device. This will cause the GPS module to load and connect to the GPS.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer