The NetProbe-Setup.msi file used to install Net-Probe also contains the Net-Probe-Service program. In order to install it you must select 'Custom' as type of installation. In the list the option will be present, make the changes required to ensure it will be installed. Once installed the service will be added but it will not be set to start automatically. A program called 'Net-Probe-Remote Setup' will be added to the 'Start' menu option. This program allows you to enter the Net-Probe Server, Shared Secret and Ports used. The NetProbe server is the ip/name of the computer running the Net-Probe program or service. The SharedSecret, TCP and UDP ports must match that set in Net-Probe. Once all settings are made, click OK. Then go to the Service Manager (found in the Administrative Tools) and start the NetProbe-Remote service. You may also wish to set the startup options to automatic.

The 'Net-Probe-Remote Setup' program also has an advanced section. If a new script language needs to be supported that is not in the list, then you will need to add the required info in this window. If you are only using the Pre-Written scripts then you will not need to change anything here.

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