How to use the Site

Hopefully you find the site intuitive to operate.

Some of the web pages have been created to automatically reload every few seconds. These are the Workspaces, Graphs and Devices pages. These pages contain graph and alarm information that can change over time. Not all browsers support this feature (some versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser being the most notable). The Firefox browser appears to support all the features of the web interface, and can be freely downloaded from here.

Depending on your connection to the web site delivering the interface, you may wish to change the reload settings. All settings make use of Cookies to permanently store the settings on your computer. Depending on your browser you may need to specifically enable cookies for the site.

Unlike Net-Probe, modes will not automatically change when a Workspace is viewed. The ability to change modes manually has been offered. Changing a workspace mode affects all users viewing the workspace on all systems (Net-Probe and the web interface).

Also See: the section called “Workspace Modes”

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