Web Interface Installation

Uses the same installation files as used for Net-Probe. When asked to choose a Setup Type, select Custom. The option to include installation of the Web Interface is offered here. Once complete the files required would have been installed to the directory you specified.

The next step is to configure IIS or Permission Web Server.

IIS 5.1 (Windows XP)

For IIS 5.1 do the following:

  • Windows XP does not have IIS (Internet Information Services) installed by default. To install this component go to the 'Control Panel' and click on 'Add or Remove Programs'. On the left of the displayed window click on 'Add/Remove Windows Components'. In the list of components shown on the displayed window, double click on 'Internet Information Services'. This will open another window containing sub-components. Double click on 'World Wide Web Service' in the list. Another window will open, this time showing the sub-components. Click on the box next to the 'World Wide Web Service' of the new window. This box must be ticked.
  • Open the 'Internet Information Services Console' found in 'Administrative Tools', in the 'Control Panel'.
  • In the left panel, click on the plus signs until the "Default Web Site' is shown. Right click on this and select properties. Click on the 'Home Directory' tab at the top of the window. In the 'Local Path' enter the installed directory of Net-Probes web site. If the default installation paths are selected this would be 'c:\Program File\Net-Probe 1.0\Web'. You could now click on 'OK' at the bottom.
  • If you were to point your browser to the IP address of your computer you would now see the web interface, but most of the images would be missing. This is because the folder where these images will be created does not exist. To create this directory go to the folder where the web files were installed with explorer (default is 'c:\Program File\Net-Probe 1.0\Web'). Create the file by right clicking on some empty space in the list, select 'New', followed by folder. Set the Folder name to 'TmpImages'.
  • The permission on the folder must be set. This is done by right clicking on it and selecting 'Properties'. In the opened window select the 'Security' Tab. If this does not appear then check the Microsoft links below. Click on the 'Add' button. In the 'Select User or Group' window that appears click on the 'Advanced' button.
  • Click on the 'Find Now' button in the resulting window. This will produce a list of users. Look down the list until you find IUSR_...... The end part of this user depends on the name of the computer. Click on this user and then 'OK'.
  • The next step is to allow this user to write to the Tmp directory. This is done by clicking the 'Write' option under 'Permissions for Internet Guest Account'. Then click on 'OK' and the directory is setup.

The following links for Microsoft's web site may help those users that do not see the Security tab in the file properties windows.

IIS 6 (Windows 2003 Server)

For IIS 6 do the following:

  • Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager found under Administrative Tools (found under the Start button).
  • Expand the left hand trees until 'Web-Sites' is shown.
  • Right click on 'Web-Sites', select 'New', then 'Web-Site'
  • This will start the wizard.
  • Follow the Wizard, for Description enter 'Net-Probe Web Site', then Next.
  • For IP Address and Port Settings it is most lightly best to leave things as they are, unless you know what you are doing, then Next.
  • For Path, browse to the point where you installed the files with the installer. You may not want to allow anonymous access to the site.
  • Ensure 'Read' and 'Run Scripts' are selected and then Next.
  • Finally Finish.

Security Considerations

It is recommended that you set the permissions on the files installed with care. You may not want anyone (anonymous user) to have access to the web interface, so it may be best to create a user group called 'NetProbeUsers' and add all users who require access to this group. Then set the permissions on the file system so only administrators and NetProbeUsers have access to the files. To disable anonymous access in IIS6 follow the following steps:

  • Open 'Internet Information Services Manager', found under 'Administrative tools'.
  • Locate the Web Site you have created in the above steps.
  • Right Click on the name and select properties.
  • Select the Directory Security tab.
  • Click on the Edit button in the 'Authentication and access control section'.

The resulting window has the option to disable anonymous access at the top.

There must be a directory called TmpImages in the Home Directory, this should have been created by the installer. The webserver will need to be able to create, read and delete files in this directory. If you decide to permit anonymous users access to the site then make sure the user that is used by the web server for anonymous access has read and write permissions to the directory. To determine which user is used for anonymous access follow the same steps above showing how to disable anonymous access to get to the Authentication Methods windows'. Here the username used for anonymous access is shown. You will need to ensure the Home Directory and the TmpImages directory has read and execute permissions for this user. Also add write permissions to the TmpImages directory.

In IIS ensure that the web site has been started. Now launch a browser and point it to your computer. The site should come up.

Installation of web interface is simplest if installed on the same computer that has NetProbe-Service installed. It could potentially be installed on any computer that can access the Net-Probe Computer through Windows Explorer. But if installed on a different computer than that of the service a manual registry modification will be required. The usual warnings regarding editing the registry apply. Care must be taken not to do the wrong thing or you may damage your computers configuration. Using regedit.exe go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\NetProbe\WebInterface. There edit the PipePath entry replacing the dot with the name of the computer with NetProbe-Service installed, i.e. \\myserver\WebInterface.

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