Chapter 19. Desktop Band

The Desktop Band allows for one graph to be shown in the Window's Task-Bar. This allows for a graph to be visible continually, almost regardless of what application you are currently in.

Figure 19.1. Band


The band will be installed as part of Net-Probe. By right clicking on a graph in Net-Probe, you will see the option 'Set As Band'. Once a graph has been selected you will need to add the band to the Task Bar. This is done by right clicking on a section of un-used Task Bar. A menu will appear with an option 'Toolbars'. Select this and a list of toolbars will appear. One of the items in the list will be 'Net-Probe Band'. Clicking on this will add the band.

Figure 19.2. Set As Band

Set As Band

You can select which recording to show by right clicking on the Net-Probe Band and selecting the 'Show Recording' option. Letting your mouse stand on the band for a second or two, without moving, will trigger the display of a ToolTip. This will give the name of the graph, the titles and colors of the targets, the recording and x-axis information. The axis information includes how much time the graph shows, as well as information about where the ToolTip bubble points. This includes the duration back to the point as well as the time at the point. This information is useful, as only the Indicator scale is available for the band. All other settings of the graph matches those in Net-Probe.

Targets that are used in the band graph will always run at 'Active Refresh Rate' regardless of the mode. All other targets on a workspace will not be affected.

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