Alerter Client Install

The Alerter is installed from the same setup program as Net-Probe. The 'Typical' installation type will install the Alerter as well as the basic Net-Probe programs. To install only the Alerter, select 'Custom' as the installation type and then unselect Net-Probe but leave the Alerter feature. Once complete, a shortcut to the alerter would have been added to the Startup menu. This means that when the user logs-in the Alerter will start. The Alerter icon will appear in the task bar next to the time. Right click on the icon for options to close the program, configure it or launch a web page. Configure options allow you to enter the server name where Net-Probe Service is running, and the TCP port to use. Additionally the option to enter the name of a web page is available. Double clicking on the icon or right clicking on it and selecting 'Launch Web' will launch the specified page. The idea is to give the Alerter user a quick way to get to Net-Probe's web interface. The installation will be by default set the server (where the Net-Probe Service is running), which is your computer. It will also set the Web Launch to which is the default web page of your computer. The TCP port of 12346 is also set. If you install Net-Probe and the Alerter on the same computer, the default installation settings should allow the Alerter to connect when you start the Net-Probe Service. The installation will not by default start the service.

Also See: Chapter 15, Service Manager

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