Chapter 18. Alerter

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Alerter Settings
Alerter Client Install

The Alerter is a small program that sits in the task bar (next to the time), and shows if any services are in critical or warning state. If any services go into the Critical or Warning state, animations of the icon will help bring the change to your attention.

Figure 18.1. Alerter


Alerter Settings

The Alerter connects to the Net-Probe Service using a TCP connection. This means that, potentially the alerter can connect to a Net-Probe server over the internet. To protect access to the status information, two criteria must be met. The first is that the computer making the request has an IP within the networks listed in the access list. The second is that the user has an account on the computer running the Net-Probe Service. Net-Probe installation sets up the access list so Alerters can connect if they are run on the same computer as the service ( The TCP port of 12346 is default. To allow additional computers access from different IP block ranges, simply add the networks to the access list in Net-Probe (under Aquirer -> Access List menubar). You can add the Network Address of and Netmask of to allow ALL hosts to connect.

Users are required to have a valid account on the Net-Probe Service computer to connect. Whatever user launches the Alerter application on the remote computer will have to have an account on the Net-Probe service computer. If not, the Alerter user will show an authentication failure message. If you start your computer and log-in with username x, then there must be an account x on the Net-Probe Computer.

Figure 18.2. Alerter Settings

Alerter Settings

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