Chapter 17. Files And Printing

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Files (New, Save, Save As, Load Recent)

Files (New, Save, Save As, Load Recent)

As with most programs under File you will find the ability to save and load configurations. Net-Probe has various export and import functions. These will only operate on one Workspace. The Save and Save As will save all Workspaces as well as all Actions. The history of the Targets is however not saved by the configuration for the Alarms, Targets, Elements, Graphs and Actions are.

The New option will delete all workspaces, with their Alarms, Elements etc. It will not delete the Actions.

Most users may not find it necessary to use the Save and Load options at all. Net-Probe will remember the last configuration when the program is closed and re-opened. In fact it is encouraged not to use the Save and Load options but rather to make use of Net-Probe's ability to support multiple workspaces. Instead of having a file for each network, rather have a workspace for each network. Using the Mode feature in the Workspace Settings, allows you to control how active the Workspace is when not being viewed.

If the service is used (to allow graphing and alarming without a user having logged onto your computer) then the service will monitor your current configuration, which is the configuration that Net-Probe was in before it was closed, or if open then it's active configuration.

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