Chapter 15. Service Manager

Simply starting Net-Probe will start any Aquirers configured. But you may wish to continue to run graph measurements, alarm tests and trackers while the Net-Probe application is not open. This can be done by installing and starting the Net-Probe Service. If you wish to use the Alerter or the Web Interface then a running Net-Probe Service is required. These components communicate with the service in order to obtain information about the aquirers, without the service neither can work.

The service can start when the computer starts, given that it is set to start automatically. The service will be installed by default when the Net-Probe is installed. It will be set to start manually. It will also be set to run as the user that installed Net-Probe. You will need to set the password for this user before the service will run. To do this open the service manager, found under 'Administrative Tools' in the Control Panel or under the Windows Start menu. Right click on the Net-Probe service and go to properties. Here you will find the option to change the Startup Type. The second tab on this window is 'Log On'. Click this and set the password for this account.

The service will use the current Net-Probe configuration of the user under which it runs. In other words if Net-Probe is used by multiple users who logon to the windows with a different username/password, each user will have their own configuration, alarms, graphs, trackers and workspaces. The service will run the configuration of the user who's username and password is entered in the 'Log On' section of the service properties.

Also be aware that the user that runs Net-Probe application or the service must have sufficient rights in order for the Performance Monitor target types to work. In Vista computers the application will have to be run with administrator privileges in order for the Perfmon systems to be allowed to access Windows Performance data from the local computer. Remote computer will require that the user have an account on them usually with admin rights. SNMP and Scripts/Modules do not have this restriction. The restriction is imposed by the operating system and not Net-Probe.

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