Chapter 14. User Lockdown

The ability to restrict access to Net-Probe through authentication is available through the User Lockdown feature. This can be found under the Workspace Menu item. Once enabled access to Net-Probe will require that a username and password be entered. This username/password combination will have to have a Access Type associated with it. The Access Type can be either All or View Only. Access Type All allows the user to view and edit the workspaces, graphs, alarms, trackers and settings. View Only access only allows the user the ability to view workspaces, graphs, alarms, trackers and settings.

If the Lockdown feature is enables, then as Net-Probe starts the user will be required to enter the username and password.

The Lockdown feature does not operate on the web interface. The web interface only offers viewing abilities. If authentication is required this must be enabled through IIS.

Figure 14.1. User Lockdown

User Lockdown

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