Chapter 11. Aquirer/Target List

A list of all Aquirers and their Target/s can be found by selecting the 'Aquirer/Target List' under the 'Aquirer' menu item. Targets in the same Aquirer are grouped together. This list allows for Aquirer's to be Reloaded, Started, Stopped, Restarted and Immediate Checked. These options are available from the toolbar or by right clicking on the Aquirer. The option to stop all running Aquirers, or start all stopped Aquirers is also offered from the toolbar. This can be a very useful window if you are developing your own scripts. No values can be edited here, only viewed. The option to filter Targets by Workspace is also available. This list also shows the Mode the Aquirer is currently running in.

The list is sorted alphabetically based on the name of the Primary Targets of the Aquirers. Secondary Targets are 'child' items of the Primary Target. The list is automatically updated every few seconds.

Also See: the section called “Workspace Modes”

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