Alarm List

The 'Bottom Bar' contains an 'Alarm List'. The default setting for this list is that only active alarms are displayed, i.e. alarms not in the OK state. The toolbar on the opposite side of the 'Alarms Tab' controls how the list behaves. The option to 'Show Active Alarms' will limit the list to alarms that are not in the OK state. 'Show All Alarms' will list all items. With 'Show only Active Alarms', when an alarm changes state from Warning or Critical to OK, the Target will remain in the list for a short while (10 seconds), showing the updated state, before being removed. This allows you to note the change in state.

Other options on the list is to List Items instead of using the Tree layout, which groups alarms under their hosts. The 'Show only Alarms in Current Workspace' will allow for the list to be restricted to alarms linked to the currently selected workspace.

A separate Alarm List can be launched from the Alarm ToolBar or from the 'Show\Edit Alarms' item found under 'Alarm' in the menubar. This list has all the features of the Alarm List on the 'Bottom Bar' and more. Here you can limit the list to a specific Workspace. Right clicking on the first column in the list offers a menu of options. Alarm Targets can be copied and pasted from one host to another. Targets can also be deleted, and with the toolbar, added. Copy, Cut, Paste and Delete is only available if the list is set to allow edits. The right menu options allow for Targets to be Reloaded or Checked Immediately. These last two features are very useful if you are developing your own scripts. If you have made an error in the script you can edit it and then a reload, allowing for a quick test of your changes.

The separate Alarm List also offers the ability to edit the properties of the alarm. The window is very similar to that found on the workspace's side bar (see above for details of each property). Actions can be added to the alarm by right clicking on the 'Action No' property or deleted from the menu shown when right clicking on the 'Action Name' property. Like the side window property display, any edits made are applied immediately.

Figure 9.11. Alarm List

Alarm List

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