Details Target Wizard (Details)

All targets will have a Details option in the properties window (once the targets device or graph is in focus). The text in the value portion indicates the settings of the aquirer. For SNMP the MIB is shown. For PerfMon the Object/Counter/Instance string is shown. For Script and Script-Remote the file name, in arguments and out arguments are shown. You may not be able to edit the test directly, but by clicking on the value option a button '...' will appear. Click on this and a Wizard will launch. These are wizards that allow for the editing of some of the aquirers settings.

In the case of PerfMon you are shown a list of Objects. Select the Object and a list of Counters and Instances will appear. Once all required have been selected then finish will return you to the Workspace. For SMTP you will be shown the MIB tree for the Host.

For Scripts and Script-Remote, wizards are two pages each. The first allowing you to change the script (and in the case of scripts that were not in the Located Scripts list the language of the script will also be required). The next step in the wizard is the in and out arguments for the script. Located Scripts (Pre-Written Scripts) will have tags that help indicate what is required. Fields that do not require entry will be blanked. Once complete the 'Finish' button will once again take you back to the workspace.

Also See: the section called “Specifying Info required by the Aquirer”

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer