Target Type Wizard (Type)

Existing targets can change type with the help of the Target Type Wizard. The properties window will show the Type of a target. If a new type is selected then the Target Type Wizard is automatically launched. The wizard assumes that the host remains the same, you can however change to any existing host on the workspace. For SNMP and PerfMon targets it will not allow you to proceed unless it is capable of connecting to the host with the required aquirer type. A Status window will appear at the bottom of the first page on the wizard. If the connection fails you will need to make whatever changes are required and then retry the connection (use the Retry Button). If your new type is SNMP then the wizard will require the community.

Not only can the host be changed at this point but you can select to use an existing aquirer (in the case of a Perfmon and SNMP target). You will add your new target to an existing aquirer and the Refresh Rate and Timeout for the target will come from the primary target in the aquirer (for Script and Remote-Script types the option to use an existing target is offered later in the wizard).

The next step will take you to the portion of the wizard containing settings for the new aquirer type. For Perfmon you will be shown a list of Objects. Selecting one will bring up a list Counters and Instances for the Object. Once a Counter and Instance (if required) has been selected you can click on 'Finish' to exit the wizard.

If your new type selected was SNMP then you would be shown a list of all MIB's in a tree representation. Once a suitable MIB has been selected the 'Finish' will appear.

Script and Script-Remote are very similar except that with the Script-Remote type the remote computer which will execute the script must be specified. If NetProbe-Remote ( or NetProbe-Remote-Service) is already setup on the computer, the computer will appear in the list, if not you will need to enter the computer and then setup NetProbe-Remote. The next step in the wizard will be to select the script (the option to request an existing aquirer is offered at this point). You can select from one of the pre-written scripts or select your own. Following this page in the wizard comes the input and output arguments. If a 'Located Script' (pre-written script) was selected then tags will assist you specifying the required info.

The details on settings for each type of aquirer has been glanced over here. For a more detailed breakdown the section called “Specifying Info required by the Aquirer”.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer