Text can be added to the workspace. Select the 'Add Text' option from the main menu, toolbar or the workspace right click menu. Using the mouse select the size of the text block. If selected from the toolbar or menu bar left click on the top left of where the block should be, and holding down the mouse, move to the bottom right corner and release the mouse. If the workspace right click menu option is used then where the menu is launched will be the top left corner, left click to set the bottom right corner.

Once selected simply type the text required. The font, size, color and style can be set from the text tool bar. The font, size and color can be edited and changed from the drop down boxes. The styles, bold, italics and underline can be set from the toolbar buttons. You can select text and change any of the styles, or you can set a style and then type. These options can be changed any number of times in one text element. The properties below, edited through the side bar property window apply to the entire text element.

Text Properties


How the text is aligned with respect to the box.


Whether the text box has a border or not.

Text Fill Color

The color of the text and the background can also be selected.

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