Network Connection / Line

A Network Line represents a network connection on the actual network. This allows for the connection between devices to be shown. The Workspace Wizard will construct the connects in a specific way. Horizontal lines will represent networks, you can think of them as a switch or a hub. Vertical lines can be thought of as the wire coming from the switch/hub to the device. You can however construct your own hand drawn networks any way you wish.

Right clicking on a line will allow you to select and delete the item. You also are given the option to scan the network. This will launch the Network Scanner tool and it will scan for active IP's on the Network.

Also See: the section called “Network Scanner”

Device Properties

IP and Mask

The IP Address and Network Mask of the connection. As said above, the Workspace Wizard will use the horizontal lines to represent networks, and the vertical lines to represent connects to the network. So the wizard will set the IP Address and NetMask of the horizontal lines to the IP and Mask of the Network. The vertical lines will therefore have the IP and Mask of the interface the line connects to. This means that the vertical lines have a mask of, to represent a single IP.

Line Width

Specifies how thick the Network line should be in pixels.

Line Color

The color of the network line representation.

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