Tracked devices have their location stored. There are five different recordings. Each recording is made at an increasing time period. This allows for greater accuracy to be shown for recent movements, but older movements have less detailed resolution. The most detailed recordings are made at the current Refresh-Rate for the device. Additional records are made at 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 Hour and 18 Hour intervals. The current Refresh-Rate (or Active) recording has the greatest detail but shows info for the shortest period or time. The 18 Hour recording has the lowest detail but will hold info over the greatest period of time. Each recording store 360 points.

To view the track of a device, select the device from the toolbar drop down box with the tip 'Show Track for Device'. Each recording appears in a different color. Only tracked devices will appear in the list, and the list will be enabled if there are reference coords set for the workspace. The 'Limit Track records displayed' allows you to select which records are shown. 'Hide all elements not being tracked' allows you to hide all elements except the tracked device. This can help reduce clutter. When this option is enabled animated foot steps will appear on the status bar

Also See: Chapter 10, Tracker and the section called “Reference Coordinates”

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