Moving Elements and Graphs on a Workspace. (Toggle Select / Select All / Invert Selection /Snap To / Copy / Cut / Paste / Undo / Redo)

Items that are selected can be moved and sized. Do not confuse an item that has focus and an item that is selected, they are not the same thing. There are a number of ways to select an item. If an item has focus, then from the 'Edit' menu item, 'Toggle Select' will select the item and unselect the item. Right clicking on an item will also show the 'Toggle Select' option. The other method for selecting an item would be to left click on a portion of the Workspace, and keeping the left button pressed, move the mouse. You will notice a 'tracker' square will be displayed. Once the left button is released all items within the 'Tracker' will be selected. To size a selected item, click on one of the eight squares that appear around the selected item. Depending on what was selected determines on how the item is sized. To move the item, once selected, left click on the item and, holding the left button down, move the mouse to where you want the item to be. Release the left button once it is in place. Multiple items can be moved and sized on the same way, just ensure that all items are selected. The arrow keys on the keyboard can also be used to move selected items. Holding down the shift key, while using the arrow keys, will allow you to resize all the selected items. The Tab key can be used to move focus from graph to graph, or element to element.

The 'Select All' option under edit, selects all the items on the workspace. 'Invert-Selection' will select all item on the current Workspace that have not already been selected, and unselect all items that have been selected.

Selected items can be Copied, Cut, Pasted and Deleted. Only if an item/s has been Copied or Cut can it be Pasted. The Undo and Redo allows for the moving, sizing, adding and deleting to be un-done and re-done.

The 'Snap-To' feature allows for the item/s being moved, using the mouse, to 'stick' to items that are close to their current location. This option can be turned on or off. It is very useful to get items lined up on the workspace, but can also be a pain if you want to put something close to another item but not next to it.

Items can be aligned and sized with the help of the Align Toolbar. For the bar to become active two criteria must be met. First at least two items must be selected, and second, one of the two items must have focus. The action is done to all selected items with respect to the focused item. For example, say you wish to align a number of objects to the top a specific graph/element. Select all the objects and set focus to the specific object. Then click on the 'Align Top' tool bar option.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer