Workspace Settings

The items under 'Settings' apply to all items on the Workspace and cannot be individually edited for each item. The 'Modes' can be found here as well as the font face, size and color for graphs and devices. The 'Focus Color' is also found here.

Focus Color

If an Element or Graph is selected it will be bordered by the focus color. It only makes sense to set the focus color to something that is not used in any graph or element. This will ensure you can also identify which item has focus (which item the Side Window is showing data relating to). The 'Properties', 'Graph' and 'All' tabs show information pertaining to the item that has focus. If no item has focus then the Workspace will have the focus. Clicking on the item will move the focus to it, clicking on the workspace will give it focus.

Flash Color

Some of the Front-End Actions will flash if they are not in the OK state. The color of the Action will alternate between the Flash Color and the color of the items action state. This can be specified within the Front-End Action settings. Actions that will flash are:

  • Host Circles
  • Lines

Graph and Device Font Settings

The 'Graph Font', 'Graph Font Color' and 'Graph Font Size' are used by graph labels and the graph window title. 'Device Font', 'Device Font Color' and 'Device Font Size' are used in the display of the FQDN/IP and alarm dash of the devices.

The remaining items found under the Workspace Properties are defaults. When adding a new item, i.e. a graph, some of the properties of the new item will be taken from the defaults. Defaults for Graphs and Elements are listed in their individual categories.

Workspace Modes

Any number of Workspaces can be supported at one time, but only one can be shown. The tabs below the toolbar allows you to select the workspace. The bottom of the tab is colored the same color as the background of the workspace. A workspace is in one of three modes:

Table 5.1. Workspace Modes

ActiveThe workspace is being viewed.
Off Workspace ModeThe Workspace is not being displayed but the Net-Probe program is running
Off Viewer ModeThe Workspace is not being displayed. The Net-Probe program is closed, but the Net-Probe Service or Desktop Band is running.

Each mode could have one of the following:

  • Fully Active
  • 5 Minutes Refresh
  • Off

These modes can be edited by selecting the Workspace from the top tabs, then clicking on the Workspace, but not on an element or graph. The 'Properties' tab contains the Mode settings for the workspace.

Depending on the Mode the Workspace is in, determines on how often measurements or tests are performed. Active mode tests/measurements are repeated at the 'Active Refresh Rate'. This is usually the lowest Refresh Rate, i.e. the highest number of tests (samples) are performed during a given interval. The 'Active Refresh Rate' is a value you can select for each alarm or graph. It is usually between 200ms and 5 minutes.

The 'Off Workspace Mode' and 'Off Viewer Mode' will set the refresh rate to the '5 Minute rate' or 'Off'. 'Off' is off, no test or measurements are taken. The '5 Minute Refresh' is also obvious, tests/measurement are performed every 5 mintutes.

If a workspace represents a network connected by a LAN to the Net-Probe computer, then you would most lightly want to set 'Off Workspace Mode' and 'Off Viewer Mode' in Fully Active. If a Workspace represents a customers network who phones and asks for your assistance every now and again, then you may want to set 'Off Workspace Mode' and 'Off Viewer mode' to 'Off'. This way no measurements/test of the network will be made unless the Workspace is selected. Once selected the tests will be run at 'fully active' and you can quickly get idea of what/where the problems are. If you want to have continuous information on a network but only need high resolution data on demand, then you may set the Workspace representing the network to '5 Minute Refresh' for both 'Off Workspace mode' and 'Off Viewer Mode'.

The Mode system allows you to control how much monitoring resources are devoted to a Workspace, and the resolution of the test/measurements.

For the 'Off Viewer' mode to operate it is recommended that the 'Net-Probe Service' be installed and set to start automatically. This will ensure that recordings are being taken even when no one has logged onto the computer.

Also See: Chapter 15, Service Manager

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