Reference Coordinates

When the Workspace background contains an image of a map then the Workspace can be used to track the physical location of a device. In order for this to work the coordinates of two points on the background image has to be entered/selected. Under Reference Coordinates the settings for each point are shown. You can click on the '...' button that will be shown once you select the Point value and click on the point on the Workspace with the known coordinate to set the point. You will then need to enter that latitude and longitude on the point. This must be done for both reference points. Small red crosses will appear on the workspace indicating where the point is set.

Latitude is entered as 0 0.000 -> 90 0.000. The first digit is the degree and the second is the minutes. The minutes can have decimal points. You will then need to specify N or S at the end for north or south. Longitude is similar with values from 000 0.000 -> 180 0.000. Again the first is the degree and the second is the minutes. E or W must follow for east or west. An example would be 45 6.546 S which is 45 degrees and 6.546 minutes south for latitude. Longitude could be say, 175 58.945 E, which would be 175 degrees and 58.945 minutes east.

The final step required to use the Workspace for tracking a device, is to add the Tracker Aquirer to the device you wish to monitor.

Also See: Chapter 10, Tracker and the section called “Tracks”

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