Workspace Basic Properties

Name, Size X/Y and Background Color

Each Workspace has a title, size (X and Y) and Background Color. These can be edited using properties window.

Background Picture and Picture Stretch

A background picture can be set. If the value part of the property is selected, a button, '...' will be shown. Click on this button to browse and locate the image you wish to use on the background. The image must be a bitmap (.bmp extension).

This property affects how the above selected background image is fitted into the workspace. The three options are:

  • Complete
  • Maintain Aspect Ratio
  • None

When Complete is selected the image is stretched to fit the width and the height of the workspace. If Maintain Aspect Ratio is selected then the image is stretched to fit either horizontally or vertically, depending on which scale is less. The image is stretched uniformly, i.e. the image is only enlarged, not deformed. The None, option does not change the size of the image.

The Image is always placed at the top of the workspace. It is however moved horizontally to the center.

Copyright (c) Warren Flemmer