SideBar/Bottom Bar

The 'Side Bar', the window next to the Workspace with the 'All', 'Graph', and 'Properties' tabs at the bottom, gives details of items on the shown Workspace. If this window is not visible then select the 'View' option on the menu bar, then click on 'Side Bar'. This will toggle the display of this window. The 'All' tab offers a list of all items in the Workspace. Items can be displayed in a 'Category' type list, or in a 'Network' type list. Double clicking on an item in the 'All' list will scroll the Workspace to Item. The 'Graphs' tab will display the 'Active', '5 Minute', '30 Minute', '3 Hour' and '18 Hour' graphs when a graph is selected on the Workspace. If a device is selected then graph representations of all alarms attached to the device are shown. If neither a graph nor an element is selected then a 'Host Status' or 'Service Status' pie graph will be displayed. The 'Properties' tab will display the properties of the workspace, graph or element depending on what is selected. All settings relating to the Workspace, Graph or Element will be shown here.

Figure 5.7. Side Bar

Side Bar

The 'Bottom Bar', the window below the Workspace with the 'Alarms' and 'Logs' tabs does not display information specific to the Workspace, but rather information about all workspaces. The one exception is if the 'Show Only Alarms for Current Workspace' option is selected on the Alarm tabs toolbar.

Figure 5.8. Bottom Bar

Bottom Bar

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