Workspace Defaults Manager

Also under the 'Workspace' menu item there is a 'Workspace Defaults Manager'. Each Workspace has a number of defaults. These defaults define some of the properties for new elements (network lines, devices, etc) and new graphs. This is useful in reducing the number of steps required to create repeated items. The 'Workspace Defaults Manager' allows for a number of Workspace profiles to be created. A default profile can also be set, this profile will automatically be selected when a new Workspace is created.

The 'Workspace Defaults Manager' offers a list of default properties and their value on the left of the window. On the right is a simple Workspace that will allow you to see what effect your new settings will have. Unlike a real workspace the effects of the change are shown immediately on the existing items in the demo Workspace. On a real Workspace the changes will be only have an effect on new items. The exceptions are the options under 'Settings', and the properties of the Workspace (X-Size, Y-Size and Background color). These, if done to the 'Current Workspace', will take effect when the 'Workspace Default Manager' is closed.

The first item in the list is always your 'Current Workspace', and its values will come from the currently selected workspace. Editing these will edit your existing workspace defaults. To create a new Workspace profile select this current Workspace and click on the 'Add Workspace Profile' item on the tool bar. This will copy your existing Workspace defaults and create a new profile.

The 'Delete Workspace Profile' option in the toolbar will allow any profile, except your 'Current Workspace' to be deleted.

The selected profile can replace the current Workspace defaults and settings with the toolbar option 'Set Selected Defaults to Current Workspace'.

Figure 5.1. Workspace Defaults Manager

Workspace Defaults Manager

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