Chapter 4. Install and Uninstall

Installation of Net-Probe and any of its components is done with the NetProbe.msi file obtainable from The Typical installation will install Net-Probe, the Net-Probe service, Alerter Band and test active-x objects. The Custom installation type allows for the installation of the following:

To add a new component or remove un-needed items the installation program can be re-run. Select the Modifiy option, to be offered the option to make the changes desired.

To uninstall go to the Windows Control Panel and select 'Add/Remove Programs'. In the list you will see the Net-Probe program. Select it and click on remove. The installation msi program can also be used to totally remove all components.

The ppc_NetProbeRemote will facilitate the installation of the NetProbe-Remote CE version of NetProbe-Remote. By selecting this feature a program ppc_NetProbe-Remote.exe will be placed in the NetProbe-Remote directory at the install location. By executing this file the installation of the NetProbe-Remote program on a supported PDA will begin. The PDA will need to be attached to the computer. The installation program will use Active Sync to transfer the files and settings to the device. Once the installation is complete a new program icon called NetProbe-Remote will be added to the programs list. Clicking on this icon will start the program. Under the file menu item on the CE version the Settings option is shown.

In order for the NetProbe-Remote programs to communicate with NetProbe, settings in both NetProbe and NetProbe-Remote programs are required. These are security settings and without them NetProbe will ignore all communication attempts by the Remote programs.

Also See: the section called “Alerter Client Install”, Chapter 19, Desktop Band and the section called “Web Interface Installation”

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